Accordion Potatoes

Accordion Potatoes

Prep.5 min, Cooking time 20 min, for 2 persons


Potatoes (Very Big Size )                    2

Melted Butter                                       25 gm

Garlic Paste                                        1 ts

Chilli Flakes                                         1 ts

Oregano                                              ½ ts

Corn boiled                                          2 tbsp

Capsicum                                            1

Onion                                                  1

Cheese grated                        2 ts

Salt to taste

Cheese Spread




Wrap Potatoes in a wet kitchen towel and microwave for 5 minutes.


Cut slits in potatoes leaving the bottom intact. It’s bit tricky to cut. Let me just give you tips. Cut potato in slices but leaving joined at the bottom. To make it easier, place a potato on a serving spoon and slice it of the size of your choice easily. Your knife will stop on the edge of the serving spoon and it will not cut the potato all the way through to make pieces and leave it joined from the bottom. Yes, that’s what we need.


Mix Garlic Paste, Chilli Flakes and Organo with melted Butter and brush it on potatoes. Bake potatoes in oven for 10 minutes at 200°F.


Heat butter in a pan on low flame. Panfry Onion, Capsicum and Corn. Add Chiili Flakes, Oregano and Salt. Mix well. Remove the pan from the flame.


Fill in baked potatoes with Corn Mixture and grated Cheese. Bake again for 2-3 minutes at 180°F.


Mix Cheese Spread, Mayonnaise and Ketchup to prepare dip.


Can be garnished with grated Cheese to beautify the dish.


Serve direct  from the oven to get the best taste of crispier edges of potatoes with dip as starter or a side dish.


Enjoy Accordion Potato.

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