Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 5 minutes

Yield 5 Rolls



Cabbage Leaves 5

Green Gram Sprouts boiled ½ cup

Onion finely chopped 1

Fresh Coriander Leaves chopped 1 tbsp

Black Salt Powder 1 ts

Black Pepper Powder 1 ts

Red Chilli Powder 1 ts

Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder 1 ts

Chiili Vinegar 1 ts

Lemon Juice of ½ lemon

Oil 1 ts

Salt to taste



Take in a bowl, Chilli Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Black Salt Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Red Chilli Powder and Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder and mix well. Dressing is ready. Keep a side.


In another bowl, take boiled Green Gram Sprouts, finely chopped Onion and chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves. Add half of prepared Dressing.


Take 2-3 cups of water in a pan. Add little salt in it and put the pan on flame. When water becomes hot, add Cabbage Leaves in the water. When Cabbage Leaves are parboiled, remove the pan from the flame.


Remove parboiled Cabbage Leaves from the water and put them separately on a plate.


Put 2-3 tbsp of prepared Green Gram mixture on each leaf and roll each leaf to wrap the stuffing.


Put prepared rolls on a serving plate.


Apply Dressing on each roll.


Serve immediately to have fresh taste.


Treat Yourself with…


Iron Rich Cabbage…


stuffed with Protein Rich Green Gram…


delighted with Flavouring Herbs

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