Chandani Chawk ki Tikki

Chandani Chawk ki Tikki


Prep.30 min., Cooking time 15 min., Yield 6 Tikki


For Outer Layer:

Potato boiled mashed                                     2

Salt to taste

Arrowroot Powder (Tapkir) / Corn Flour          1 tbsp

For Stuffing:

Skinned and Split Chick Peas boiled              ½ cup

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Green Chilli chopped                                      1

Red Chilli Powder                                           1 ts

Chat Masala                                                    1 ts

Fresh Mint Leaves chopped                            1 tbsp

Cumin Seeds                                                  ½ ts

Cumin Powder                                    ¼ ts

Garama Masala                                              ¼ ts

Oil to fry

For Serving:

Curd or Yoghurt plain

Green Chatani

Tamarind Chatani

Garlic Chatani

Fresh Coriander Leaves


Mix well all ingredients for outer layer.


Mix well all ingredients for stuffing.


Take mixture for outer layer. Make a ball of it. Squeeze this ball between two palms to make It like a big flat bread. Put stuffing in the middle of it. Wrap the stuffing folding the border of outer layer. Again, squeeze it between two palms slowly to give shape of big size Tikki. Take care while squeezing that stuffing doesn’t come out of wrap.


Shallow fry Tikki.


To serve as chat:

Arrange Tikki in a serving plate. Spread on it Curd or Yoghurt, Green Chatani, Tamarind Chatani and Garlic Chatani. Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves to garnish. Serve Fresh.


To serve as starter:

Arrange Tikki in a service plate. Serve Curd or Yoghurt, Green Chatani, Tamarind Chantani and Garlic Chatani in small serving bowls separately. Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves on Curd / Yoghurt and Tikki.


Enjoy The Chat of Chandani Chowk on your Chair.

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