Dal ka Dulha

Dal ka Dulha

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

For 4 persons


For Dulha:

Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup

Carom Seeds ¼ ts

Salt to taste

For Dal:

Skinned and Split Pigeon Peas 1 cup

(soaked for 1 hour)

Salt to taste

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Garlic buds 3

Ginger 1 small piece

Asafoetida Powder  Pinch

For Tempering:

Ghee 2 tbsp

Cumin Seeds ½ ts

Dry Red Chilli 1

Asafoetida Powder Pinch

Garlic finely chopped ½ ts

Onion finely chopped 1

Tomato finely chopped 1

Salt to taste

Garam Masala ½ ts

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Mango Powder ½ ts



For Dulha:

Take Whole Wheat Flour in a bowl. Add Carom Seeds and Salt. Mix well. Knead stiff dough adding water gradually as needed.


Roll number of small round thick puri.


Fold each Puri from either 2 sides or 4 sides to give Dulha shape as images below:

For Dal:

Take soaked Skinned and Split Pigeon Peas in a pressure cooker. Add Salt, Turmeric Powder, Garlic buds, Ginger and Asafoetida Powder. Add some water and boil on high flame. When it get boiled partially, add prepared Dulha and pressure cook to 2 whistles.


Let pressure cooker cool down.


For Tempering:

Heat Ghee in a pan. Add Cumin Seeds, Dry Red Chilli and Asafoetida Powder. When spluttered, add finely chopped Garlic and Onion and sauté. Add finely chopped Tomato and sauté.


Add this tempering immediately in Dal in pressure cooker.


Put pressure cooker on medium flame. Add Salt, Garam Masala, Mango Powder and Fresh Coriander Leave. Mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes only.


Take in a serving bowl.


Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves.


Serve Hot with Rice.


Enjoy Very Nutritious Dal ka Dulha from the North Indian State…Uttar Pradesh.

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