Katla Laddu

Katla Laddu

Preparation time 0 minute

Cooking time 20 minutes

Yield 5 Laddu



Ghee 100g

Edible Gum 20g

Wheat Flour coarse ¼ cup

Wheat Flour fine ¼ cup

Turmeric Powder Pinch

Dried Ginger Powder 2 tbsp

Katla Powder 3 tbsp

Dry Coconut grated 2 tbsp

Cashew Nuts pieces 1 tbsp

Almond pieces1 tbsp

Jaggery grated ½ cup



Heat 60g Ghee. Add Wheat Flour coarse and Wheat Flour fine. Roast well to light brownish.


Add Turmeric Powder, Dried Ginger Powder, Katla Powder and continue roasting on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.


Add grated Dry Coconut Powder, Cashew Nuts pieces, Almond pieces and continue roasting for 3-4 minutes.


When all stuff is roasted well, switch off the flame.


In another pan, heat 40g Ghee. Add Edible Gum and fry and when it is fried, remove Gum from Ghee and add it to prepared Katla mixture.


In remaining Ghee after removing Edible Gum, add grated Jaggery and heat just to melt Jaggery and add melted Jaggery in prepared mixture. Mix very well.


Prepare number of balls of mixture.


Winter Special, Body Heating, Energising Katla Laddu is Ready.

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