Mooli ke Parathe / Daikon Paratha

Mooli ke Parathe / Daikon Paratha

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

Servings 4 Paratha



Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup

Oil 2 tbsp

Carom Seeds 1 ts

Salt to taste

Daikon (Mooli) grated ¼ cup

Green Chilli chopped 1-2

Ginger Paste ½ ts

Fresh Coriander Leaves 2 tbsp

Dry Whole Wheat Flour for rolling Paratha

Oil for roasting

Curd for serving



Take Whole Wheat Flour in a bowl. Add Oil, Carom Seeds and little Salt. Mix well. Knead soft dough adding water as needed.


Take grated Daikon in a bowl. Add little Salt and leave it to approx 8-10 minutes. Then squeeze to remove the water. Add chopped Green Chilli, Ginger Paste and Fresh Coriander Leaves. Mix well.


Take medium size lump of dough and make a ball of it. Roll it to thick round shape. Put 2-3 tbsp of prepared Daikon stuffing in the middle of rolled Paratha. Fold Paratha to wrap stuffing. Press it lightly on rolling board and roll again taking care of stuffing not coming out. When needed, coat with Dry Whole Wheat Flour while rolling to make rolling easier and to avoid sticking Paratha on rolling board and rolling stick.


Repeat to roll number of Paratha.


Pre-heat a non-stick roasting flat pan on low-medium heat. Put one rolled Paratha on pre-heated pan. When base side is partially roasted, turn it over. Apply little Oil on the upper side of Paratha. Turn it over. Apply little Oil on upper side. Turn it over. Make sure both sides are roasted well to ligh pink. Remove it from the pan and put it on a serving plate.


Repeat to roast all rolled Paratha, one by one.


Serve hot with Curd in a small bowl a side.


Enjoy…Tummy Filler…Irresistible…Unstoppable…Mooli ke Parahte…

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