Mag Dal Vanva or Fafda -Vanva of Split Green Gram

Mag Dal Vanva or Fafda -Vanva of Split Green Gram

Prep.30 min. Cooking time 10 min., Qty. 25-30 Vanva


Split Green Gram (with skin)                           1 cup

Split Black Gram skinned                                ½ cup

Split Chickpeas skinned                                  ½ cup

Carom Seeds                                                  1 ts

Asafoetida Powder                                          ½ ts

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Black Salt Powder and Red Chillli Powder for garnishing.


Mix Split Green Gram, Split Black Gram and Split Chickpeas and grind to flour.


In ground flour, add Carom Seeds, Asafoetida Powder and Salt. Prepare stiff dough adding water slowly as needed.


Beat the dough until it changes the colour to light Yellowish.


Take little dough, make a small ball and roll very thin medium size round Puri (small chapatti). Repeat and roll number of Puri.


Heat oil in a deep frying pan on low medium flame. Deep Fry all rolled Puri. Turn over Puri while deep frying to get them fried both the sides similarly.


Sprinkle Black Salt Powder and Red Chilli Powder.


Let them cool down then store to use during long festive days.


Enjoy Handy and Ready Crunchy Vanva during Busy Festive Days. Better taste with Tea or Coffee.

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