Walnut Banana Hummus

Walnut Banana Hummus

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

For 2 Persons



Walnut 10

Ripe Banana  ½

Honey 1 ts

White Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana) soaked ¼ cup

Salt pinch



Take soaked White Chickpeas in a pressure cooker. Add enough water approx 2 cups.


Pressure cook to 8 to 10 whistles.


Then, leave pressure cooker to cool off.


Then, remove White Chickpeas with water from pressure cooker and leave it to cool off.


Then, strain and separate water and White Chickpeas and keep both of them a side.


Cut slices of Ripe Banana and put them in deep freezer and make them frozen.


Now, take Walnut in a jar of mixer and crush to fine powder.


Add frozen Banana slices. Crush it again.


Now, add White Chickpeas and little water separated from it. Crush it again.


Now, add Honey and Salt. Crush it again.


Serve Fresh with Fruits and / or Biscuits.


Very nutritious Hummus with Walnut and Banana Flavour.


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