Veg Daliya Lolly – Bulgur Wheat Lolly

Veg Daliya Lolly – Bulgur Wheat Lolly

Prep.20 min., Cooking time 10 min., Yield 4 pcs.


Oil                                                                    1 tbsp

Ginger-Chilli Paste                                          1 tbsp

Onion chopped                                                1

Carrot chopped                                               1

Capsicum chopped                                         1

Potato boiled and mashed                              1

Bulgur Wheat boiled                                        ½ cup

Garam Masala                                    1 ts

Ketchup                                                           2 tbsp

Bread Crumb                                                   2 tbsp

Slurry of Refined White Wheat Flour              1 cup

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Lollypop Sticks


Heat oil in a pan on low flame. Add Ginger-Chilli Paste, chopped Onion, chopped Carrot, Chopped Capsicum. Mix well. Add Garam Masala, Ketchup and Salt. Mix well. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Remove the stuff in a bowl.


Add boiled and mashed Potato, boiled Bulgur Wheat. Mix very well. If needed, mix little Bread Crumb to make the mixture stiff enough to make balls.


Prepare number of small balls from the prepared stuff.


Dip all balls one by one in Slurry and coat with Bread Crumb rolling them in the Crumb.


Deep fry all balls to light brownish. Use low flame to avoid quick burning of coating of Bread Crumb.


Insert Lollypop Stick into each ball.


Serve Fresh and Hot with any Chutney or Sauce of your choice.


Enjoy Hot and Spicy Lollypop to satisfy your appetite.


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