Mag ni Dal na Laddu

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

6 Laddu



Skinned Split Green Gram soaked 1 cup

Ghee ½ cup

Cardamom Powder ½ ts

Sugar Powder 3 tbsp

Cashew Nuts pcs 1 tbsp

Almond pcs 1 tbsp



Remove excess water from soaked Skinned Split Green Gram and spread on a clean and dry cloth. Leave for few minutes to dry.


Heat 1 tbsp of Ghee in a pan.


Roast Skinned Split Green Gram to light brownish in heated Ghee in pan.


When roasted, leave for few minutes to cool off.


When cooled off, take it in a jar of mixer and crush to coarse.


Then, add remaining Ghee, Cardamom Powder, Sugar Powder, pieces of Cashew Nuts, pieces of Almond and mix very well.


Prepare number of small balls or use mould for designer shape.


Laddu are ready.


Offer to our always First Venerable God…Ganpati Bappa…


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Lilu Undhiyu / Green Undhiyu

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

For 4 Persons



Baby Potato peeled 5

White Sweet Potato peeled 2

Red Sweet Potato peeled 1

Egg Plants small 5

Papdi (Surati Papdi) 100 gm

Salt to taste

Carom Seeds 1 ts

Sesame Seed Oil 1 tbsp



For Green Chutney:

Spring Garlic chopped 1 cup

Green Chilli 4-5

Cumin Seeds 1 ts

Jaggery 1 tbsp


Gram Flour Vermicelli (Sev) for garnishing


Clay Pot for cooking



Chop White Sweet Potato and Red Sweet Potato in big pieces.


Mix Salt and Carom Seeds with peeled Baby Potato, big pieces of White Sweet Potato and Red Sweet Potato, Egg Plants and Papdi to marinate.


Preheat a Clay Pot on low flame.


In preheated Clay Pot, one by one, make layer of Baby Potato, White Sweet Potato, Red Sweet Potato, Papdi and Egg Plants. Then, sprinkle little water on this inside the Pot. Cover the Pot with a lid and cook for 10-15 minutes.


Meanwhile prepare Green Chuntney. Take all listed ingredients for Green Chutney in a wet grinding jar of your mixer. Crush to fine paste.


When stuff in the Pot is well cooked, take in to a mixing bowl. Mix Sesame Seed Oil and prepared Green Chutney. Take in to a serving bowl.


Garnish with sprinkle of Gram Flour Vermicelli (Sev).


Serve Hot with Sweet Jalebi.


Enjoy a Variety of Folk Food of Surat (a leading city of Gujarat)…



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Aloe Vera Halvo with Bottle Gourd (Dudhi / Lauki)

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

Serving 2



Aloe Vera 100 gm

Ghee 50 gm

Bottle Gourd grated 250 gm

(squeeze grated Bottle Gourd to remove excess water)

Milk ½ cup

Milk Khoya (Mawa) grated 100 gm

Sugar 100 gm

Cashew Nuts ½ cup

Almonds 2 tbsp

Dry Black Grapes (Black Raisins) 1 tbsp

Cardamom granules Powder 1 ts

Nutmeg Powder 1 ts

Dry Ginger Powder 1 tbsp


Heat Ghee in a pan. Add Aloe Vera and semi fry it. Add grated Bottle Gourd and continue frying on low-medium flame. When moisture of Bottle Gourd gets burnt and starts to look drying, add Milk and cook for some minutes until Milk gets evaporated, add Milk Khoya, Sugar, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Black Raisins, Cardamom Granules Powder, Nutmeg Powder, Dry Ginger Powder. Keep mixing very well while continue cooking on slow-medium flame until it becomes a soft lump.


Remove in a serving bowl.


Garnish with pieces of Cashew Nuts, Almonds and Black Raisins.


Enjoy Herbal Version of Indian Traditional Recipe…Halvo…

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Dahi Bhajiya Chat / Curd Fritters Chat

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Servings 4



For Bhajiya:

Gram Flour 1 cup

Semolina ¼ cup

Fresh Fenugreek Leaves ½ cup

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Garlic Masala (Havej) 1 ts

Asafoetida Powder Pinch

Salt to taste

Oil 1 ts

Soda-bi-Carb ½ ts

Oil for deep frying

Other Ingredients:

Curd 1 cup

Sugar 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Buttermilk 1 cup

Tamarind-Dates Chutney

Garlic Chutney

Mint Chutney

Sing Bhujiya

Spicy Thick Vermicelly (Spicy Gathiya)

Spiced Peanuts

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Onion chopped

Pomegranate Granules



For Bhajiya:

Take Gram Flour in a bowl. Add Semolina, Fresh Fenugreek Leaves, Turmeric Powder, Garlic Masala, Asafoetida Powder, Salt, Soda-bi-Carb and Oil. Mix well. Add little water slowly as needed to prepare thick batter.


Heat Oil to deep fry. Put number of small lumps of prepared batter in heated Oil. Deep fry while turning over occasionally to brownish.


Assembling Chat:

Soak prepared Bhajiya in Buttermilk for 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile do other preparation.


Take Curd in a bowl. Add Sugar and Salt. Mix well.


Take soaked Bhajiya in a serving bowl.


Pour spreading over Sweetened and Salted Curd.


Sprinkle Sing Bhujiya, Hot Gathiya and Spiced Peanuts.


Pour spreading over Tamarind-Dates Chutney, Garlic Chutney and Mint Chutney.


Sprinkle chopped Onion. Pomegranate Granules and Fresh Coriander Leaves.


Serve immediately after assembling to have fresh taste.


  Enjoy Fenugreek Bhajiya…


                                    Combined with Curd and Various Chutney…


                                                                        So Tempting in Cold and Rainy…

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Tava Paneer

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

For 2 Persons



For Marinating:

Hund Curd 4 tbsp

Red Chilli Powder 1 ts

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Garam Masala 1 ts

Salt to taste

Chat Masala ½ ts

Gram Flour roasted 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice 1 ts

Oil 1 ts


For Sabji:

Cottage Cheese (Paneer) 250g

(chopped big cubes)

Oil 2 tbsp

Gigner-Garlic-Green Chilli chopped 2 tbsp

Onion chopped 1

Salt to taste

Tomato chopped 2

Capsicum chopped 1

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Red Chilli Powder 1 ts

Coriander Cumin Powder 1 ts

Kitchenking Masala 1 ts

Dried Fenugreek Leaves 1 ts


Fresh Coriander Leaves for garnishing



Take all listed ingredients for marinating together in a bowl and mix very well.


Add chopped big cubes of Cottage Cheese, mix very well, then leave for at least 30 minutes for marinating.


Now, heat Oil in a flat pan.


Add chopped Ginger-Garlic-Green Chilli, Onion and Salt. Mix well and sauté.


Then, add chopped Tomato and Capsicum and sauté.


Add Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Cumin Powder and Kitchenking Masala and continue sautéing on medium flame until Oil starts to get separated around the stuff on flat pan.


Then, add little water and cook for 1-2 minutes on medium flame.


Then, add marinated Cottage Cheese and continue cooking for 1-2 minutes on medium flame.


When cooked well, add Dried Fenugreek Leaves and mix very well.


Remove prepared stuff on a serving plate.


Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves to garnish.


Serve Fresh and Hot with Roti, Naan or Paratha of choice.


Paneer cooked on Tava… Tava Paneer…

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Pala Munjalu

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

Servings 10



For Stuffing:

Skinned Split Pigeon Peas (boiled) ½ cup

Ghee 1 tbsp

Jaggery 1 tbsp

Dry Coconut Powder 2 tbsp

Cardamom 1 ts


For Outer Layer:

Milk 1 ½ cup

Semolina (Suji / Ravo) ½ cup

Sugar 2 tbsp

Dry Coconut Powder 1 tbsp

Cardamom Pinch

Salt Pinch


Coconut Oil to deep fry.



Heat Ghee in a pan on low flame. Add boiled Skinned Split Pigeon Peas, Jaggery, Dry Coconut Powder and Cardamom. Mix well while cooking on low-medium flame for 3-4 minutes. Leave it to cool off.


Make number of small balls of prepared mixture for stuffing.


Heat Milk in a pan on low flame. When Milk becomes hot, add Semolina gradually while stirring to mix it well making sure not leaving lumps of Semolina.


When Semolina is cooked, add Sugar, Dry Coconut Powder, Cardamom and Salt. Mix well.


Leave it to cool off.


Pinch small lump from prepared Semolina mixture. Make a small ball of it. Tap using your palms and fingers to give it a thick round shape.


Put one ball of stuffing in the middle of it.


Fold from all sides to wrap stuffing ball.


Repeat to prepare all balls.


Heat Coconut Oil on medium flame to deep fry.


Deep fry all prepared stuffed balls to light brownish. Flip occasionally to fry well all around.


Put fried balls on tissue papers to get excess oil absorbed.


Serve Fresh and Warm for best taste or store in an air tight container to server later.


All Sweets are not Unhealthy.


This is a gifted traditional sweet from one of the high tech state of India…Andhra Pradesh…


Make your parties, celebrations and festivals sweeter and healthier and tastier with the great touch of COCONUT.

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Madeleines – French Butter Cake

Preparation time 10 minutes

Baking time 20 minutes

Yield 20 Pcs approx.



Refined White Wheat Flour (maida) 150g

Butter 50g

Condensed Milk 200g

Powder Sugar 2 tbsp

Baking Powder 1 ts

Baking Soda ½ ts

Milk ½ cup

Mix Fruit Jam 2 tbsp


Dry Coconut powder for garnishing



Take in a mixing bowl, Butter, Condensed Milk and Powder Sugar. Mix well.


Add Refined White Wheat Flour, Baking Powder and Baking Soda. Mix well.


Add Milk and whisk well to prepare thick batter.


Fill Madeleines moulds with prepared batter.


Preheat oven.


Bake at 180° for 20 minutes.



Heat ½ cup of water in a pan. Add Mix Fruit Jam and mix very well. Leave it to cool off.


When Madeleines are baked, remove from oven and leave to cool off then unmould.


Dip Madeleines in prepared Mix Fruit Jam.


Coat Madeleines with Dry Coconut Powder.


Serve Fresh for better taste or store in an airtight container to serve later.


Enjoy Buttery Taste of Madeleines…French Butter Cake…

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Lila Chana na Wada / Fresh Chickpeas Fritters

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

For 2 Persons



Fresh Chickpeas 1 cup

Green Chilli Paste 1 tbsp

Asafoetida Powder Pinch

Black Pepper Powder ¼ ts

Fennel Seeds Powder 1 ts

Sesame Seeds 1 tbsp

Sugar 1 ts

Lemon Juice 1 tbsp

Fresh Coriander Leaves 2 tbsp

Gram Flour 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Green Chutney for serving.



Take Fresh Chickpeas in a wet grinding jar of your mixer. Grind it to fine paste.


Remove it in a bowl. Add Green Chilli Paste, Asafoetida Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Fennel Seeds Powder, Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Fresh Coriander Leaves and Salt. Mix very well. Add Gram Flour and mix very well. Make sure not to leave lumps of Gram Flour.


Heat Oil to deep fry on medium flame. Put number of lumps of prepared mixture in heated Oil. Deep fry partially. Remove from Oil.


Leave them on dry and clean paper for 4-5 minutes.


One by one, press lightly between two palms to flatten.


Deep fry again in heated Oil. Turn over when needed to fry all around.


Arrange them on a serving plate.


Garnish with droplets of Green Chutney on each.


Serve Hot with Green Chutney a side on serving plate.


Or Take Away to Work Place to Share with Workmates.


Wow…What a Creamy and Fresh Taste…


Make More Friends with Fresh Chickpeas Fritter…

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Lila Chana ni Biryani

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

For 2 Persons



Rice soaked ½ cup

Cinnamon 1 pc

Clove buds 4

Cinnamon Leaf 1

Cardamom 2

Fresh Mint Leaves 2 tbsp

Oil 2 tbsp

Ginger 1 pc

Green Chilli 2

Spring Garlic 2 tbsp

Cumin Seeds ½ ts

Onion chopped 1

Capsicum chopped 1

Green Chickpeas ½ cup

Salt to taste

Spinach Puree ¼ cup

Garam Masala ½ ts

Fresh Coriander Leaves 1 tbsp


Fresh Coriander Leaves and Onion Rings to garnish.



Take soaked Rice in a pan. Add Cinnamon, Clove buds, Cinnamon Leaf, Cardamom, Fresh Mint Leaves and Salt. Mix well. Add 1 ½  cup of water and put the bowl on medium flame. When Rice is cooked, strain excess water and remove all Khada Masala (Cinnamon, Clove buds, Cinnamon Leaf, Cardamom, Fresh Mint Leaves).


Take Ginger, Green Chilli and Spring Garlic in a wet grinding jar of mixer. Crush it to fine paste.


Heat Oil in a pan. Add Cumin Seeds, prepared fine paste, chopped Onion and chopped Capsicum. Sauté it well.


Add Green Chickpeas and Salt. Mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes on medium flame.


When Green Chick peas are cooked, add Spinach Puree and Garam Masala. Mix well.


Add prepared Rice and Fresh Coriander Leaves. Mix well taking care of not mashing Rice.


Take in a serving bowl.


Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves and put Onion Ring to garnish.


Serve Fresh and Hot.


Biryani is One of The Most Popular Indian Dish around The World…


This is Healthier Fusion of Biryani with Green Chickpeas…

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Sweet Sesame Bite

Preparation time 0 minutes

Cooking time 15 minutes

Yield 12-15 pcs



Sesame Seeds black             1 cup

Ghee                                       1 tbsp

Condensed Milk                      200 ml

Pistachio for garnishing



Pre-heat a non-stick pan on low flame. Roast black Sesame Seeds in pre-heated pan on low flame. Take care of not burning. Just roast to make them dry and crunchy. Leave it to cool down.


Take roasted black Sesame Seeds in a dry grinding jar of mixer. Grind it to coarse powder.


Grease with Ghee a mould plate.


Heat Ghee in a pan on low flame. Add black Sesame Seeds Powder. Stir and roast in Ghee. Add Condensed Milk. Stir slowly and continuously on low flame until it thickens.


Set prepared mixture in a greased mould plate. And leave it to cool down.


Sprinkle Pistachio for garnishing.


Cut in pieces of size and shape of choice.


Celebrate Kite Festival Munching Sweet Sesame Bite…

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