Kela Pachchadi – Banana Pachchadi

Kela Pachchadi – Banana Pachchadi


Prep.5 min., Cooking time 7 min., for 1 Person


For Pachchadi:

Curd                                                    300 ml

Lemon                                                 ½

Sugar                                                  1 ts

Red Chilli Powder                               1 ts

Garam Masala                        ½ ts

Coconut grated or powder                  3 tbsp

Salt to taste

Ghee                                                   1 ts

Cumin Seeds                                      1 ts

Mustard Seeds                                    ½ ts

Curry Leaves

Ripe Banana                                       1

(pilled and small chopped)

Turmeric Powder                                 Pinch

For Tempering / Flavouring / Garnishing:

Oil                                                        ½ tbsp

(Coconut Oil preferred for authentic Kerala flavour)

Mustard Seeds                                    ½ ts

Curry Leaves                                       3-4

Red Chilli Dry  pieces                          1

Onion chopped in slices                      1


Take Curd in a bowl. Add Lemon Juice, Sugar, Red Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Coconut and Salt and mix well to prepare thick mixture.


Heat Ghee in a pan. Add Cumin Seeds, Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves. When popped, add chopped ripe Banana and Turmeric Powder. Mash Banana while cooing on low flame. You can add little water. Leave to cool down for approx 10 minutes. Add Curd mixture and mix well. Remove this Pachchadi in a bowl.


In another pan, heat oil. Add Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves and pieces of Dry Red Chilli. When popped, add slices of Onion. Cook it for a minute on low flame to soften the Onion slices. Pour this on Pachchadi in the bowl. Please don’t mix. Cover the bowl with a lid to get Pachchadi well flavoured. Leave it for approx 5 minutes.


Mix well before serving. Serve with boiled or Steamed Rice.


Enjoy authentic Kerala cuisine at home.

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