Mango Tart

Mango Tart

Prep.10 min., Yield 4 Tarts


For Tart Base:

Mango Flavour Biscuits                                   20

Butter                                                              25 gm

For Filling:

Hung Curd                                                       ½ cup

Condensed Milk                                              ½ cup

Cream                                                             2 tbsp

Cottage Cheese                                              2 tbsp

Mango Puree                                                  ½ cup

Powder Sugar                                                 2 tbsp

For Garnish:

Mango Slices



Crush all Biscuits. Add butter (If needed, add 1 ts mango puree). Prepare stiff mixture. Set the mixture in Tart Moulds.


Crush all the ingredients together for Filling in the mixture or blender. Fill this mixture in set Tart Moulds. Put all Tarts in fridge for ½ hour to set.


Garnish with Mango Slices.


Serve fridge cold.


Enjoy after any hot spicy food to set your tummy cool.

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