Daliya Soup – Soup of Bulgur Wheat

Daliya Soup – Soup of Bulgur Wheat


Prep.10 min., Cooking time 15 min., Servings 2


Oil                                                        1 ts

Ginger finely chopped                         ½ ts

Green Chilli finely chopped                 2

Garlic Cloves   finely chopped             2

Onion finely chopped                          1

Carrot  finely chopped                         2 tbsp

Cabbage finely chopped                     2 tbsp

Bulgur Wheat                                      ½ cup

Black Pepper Powder                         Pinch

Salt to taste

Lemon                                                 ¼

Fresh Coriander Leaves                     1 tbsp


Take 3 cups of water in a pan. Parboil Bulgur Wheat. Use this time to prepare other stuff. After parboiling, leave water for further cooking.


In another pan, heat oil on medium flame. Add Ginger, Green Chilli, Garlic, Onion, Carrot and Cabbage. Stir and fry for 2-3 minutes to soften. Add parboiled Bulgur Wheat. Boil it on medium flame. Add little more water if needed. When almost boiled, lower the flame. Mix Black Pepper Powder and Salt. Remove the pan from flame. Add Lemon Juice.


Sprinkle Fresh Coriander Leaves.


Serve with Lavash or Garlic Bread.


Enjoy Energetic and Appetizing Soup before meal or as a part of Healthy Diet.

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