Sweet Potato and Oats Cutlet

Sweet Potato and Oats Cutlet

Prep.10 min., Cooking time 15 min., Qty. 5 Plates


For Cutlet Mixture:

Green Peas boiled                              ½ cup

Sweet Potato boiled                            1

Cracked Wheat boiled             ½ cup

Masala Oats                                        80 gm

Chilli Paste                                          ½ ts

Ginger Paste                                       ½ ts

Onion Small Chopped                         1

Fresh Mint Leaves Small Chopped     2 tbsp

Chat Masala                                        1 ts

Salt to taste

Bread Crumbs Fresh                           2 tbsp

For Coating:

Maida+Gram Flour Slurry                   1 cup

Dry Bread Crumbs                              ½ cup

Oil to fry

Coleslaw for serving

Ketchup for serving



Mix all ingredients of cutlet to prepare Cutlet Mixture.


Prepare balls of same size.


One by one, dip balls in slurry and coat with Dry Bread Crumbs then shape it using designer moulds or pressing the ball between the palms.


Shallow Fry all cutlets to brownish if you life soft, dark brownish if you like crunchy.


Serve with Coleslaw and Ketchup.


Enjoy your Cutlet.

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