Aamla Honey Shot – Gooseberry Honey Shot

Aamla Honey Shot – Gooseberry Honey Shot

Preparation time 5 minutes

Cooking time no cooking

Servings 6



Gooseberry seedless and chopped 4

Gooseberry crush 1 tbsp

Star Anise Powder 1 ts

Ginger 1 small piece

Black Salt Powder Pinch

Honey 1 tbsp

Ice crushed 1 cup



In a wet grinding jar of your mixer, take chopped Gooseberry, Gooseberry crush, Star Anise Powder and Ginger. Crush it very well and filter the liquid in the mixture. Add Black Salt Powder and Honey and mix well.


Fill the shot glass with crushed Ice up to ¾. Fill the glass to full with the prepared Gooseberry-Honey mixture.


Serve immediately.


Confront Sunstroke of Summer with a Shot of Gooseberry and Honey.

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