Rasiya Muthiya – Saucy Fist

Rasiya Muthiya – Saucy Fist

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes

For 2 persons



For Fist (Muthiya):

Whole Wheat Flour ½ cup

Gram Flour ¼ cup

Grated Bottle Gourd ½ cup

Oil 1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Red Chilli Powder ½ ts

Salt to taste

Soda-bi-Carb Pinch

For Sauce (Ras):

Buttermilk 2 cup

Gram Flour 1 tbsp

Oil 2 tbsp

Mustard Seeds 1 ts

Cumin Seeds 1 ts

Asafoetida Powder Pinch

Curry Leaves 5-6

Garlic Chutney homemade 1 ts

Turmeric Powder ½ ts

Salt to taste

Fresh Coriander Leaves 1 tbsp


Onion Rings for garnishing



For Fist (Muthiya):

Take Whole Wheat Flour and Gram Flour in a bowl. Add Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Salt and Soda-bi-Carb. Mix well. Add Oil and mix well. Add grated Bottle Gourd. Mix well and knead semi stiff dough. Add very little water only if needed.


For Sauce (Ras):

Take Buttermilk in a bowl. Add ½ cup of Water and Gram Flour. Mix very well. Please don’t leave any lump of Gram Flour. If it needs, use blender.


Heat Oil in a pan. Add Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Asafoetida Powder and Curry Leaves. When spluttered, add Garlic Chutney and Turmeric Powder and mix well. Add prepared mixture of Buttermilk and Salt. Set flame to high. When it starts to boil, put number of small fist of prepared Dough in boiling Sauce. Continue boiling for 8-10 minutes on high flame. Partially cover the pan with a lid while boiling.


When fists are cooked, Saucy Fist (Rasiya Muthiya) is ready.


Transfer in a serving bowl.


Garnish with sprinkle of Fresh Coriander Leaves and Onion Rings.


Serve Hot.


Enjoy One More Mouth Filling and Satisfying Gujarati Healthy Dish…Saucy Fist…Famous as Rasiya Muthiya…

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