Kashmiri Pink Tea

Kashmiri Pink Tea

Preparation time 3 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Servings 2



Water 1 cup

Kashmiri Green Tea 1 tbsp

Soda-bi-Carb ½ ts

Ice Cubes 5-6

Cardamom granules of 2 cardamom

Star Anise 1

Cinnamon 1 small piece

Milk 1 cup

Sugar Powder 1 tbsp

Fennel Seeds Powder ½ ts

Salt Pinch

Almond and Pistachio for garnishing



Take 1 cup of Water in a pan and put it for boiling. Add Kashmiri Green Tea while boiling. When boiled, add Soda-bi-Carb and continue boiling while stirring for 2-3 minutes. Switch off the flame.


Add Ice Cubes. Switch on the flame again to boil it again. Add Cardamom granules, Star Anise and Cinnamon while boiling. When boiled very well, strain it and put strained water again for boiling. Add 1 cup of Milk while boiling and boil it repeatedly 5-7 times while stirring to prevent boil over.


Strain it in a cup or glass.


Add Sugar Powder, Fennel Seeds Powder and Salt. Stir it to mix well.


Take it in a serving cup of glass.


Sprinkle Almond and Pistachio pieces to garnish.


Serve Fresh.


Have a Cup of Kashmiri Pink Tea and make Pink Cold of Winter Joyful.


The Wonderful Gift from the People Of Heaven on the Earth…The Kashmir…

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