Cheese Chilli Potli – Cheese Chilli Bag

Prep.20 min., Cooking time 30 min., Servings 10


For Dough:

            Refined White Wheat Flour (Maida)                           1 cup

            Semolina                                                                     2 tbsp

            Oil                                                                                2 tbsp


For Stuffing:

            Cabbage grated                                                          1 cup

            Turmeric Powder                                                        1 ts


            Oil                                                                                1 ts

            Chilli Paste                                                                  1 tbsp

            Garam Masala                                                            ½ ts

            Cheese                                                                        30 gm

            Oil for Deep Frying

            Grated Cabbage for garnishing                                  2 tbsp


Take Refined White Wheat Flour and Semolina in a kneading bowl. Add Oil and Salt. Knead semi soft dough adding water slowly as needed.

Take grated Cabbage in a bowl. Add Salt and Turmeric Powder. Leave to for apporx 15 minutes. Then squeeze cabbage to remove the water to make it dry.

Heat Oil in a pan on low flame. Add Chilli Paste. Add Cabbage and fry it for 3-4 minutes on low flame. Leave it to cool down. Add Garam Masala and Cheese. Mix well.

Roll number of small chapatti (puri) from prepared dough. Put 1-2 tbsp of prepared cabbage stuffing in the middle of Puri. Fold border of Puri to wrap the stuffing giving shape of a small bag. Don’t shape it like ball. Prepare small stuffed bags of all Puri.

Deep fry all stuffed bags in oil to light brownish.

Garnish with Grated Cabbage.

Serve Hot with any Home Made Chutney or Sauce of choice.

Open Stuffed Bags in Mouth and Fill Your Hungry Tummy with Cabbage Delicacy.

Heart Beet Cake – Semolina cake

Prep.15 min., Cooking time 25 min., Servings 4


Semolina                                 ½ cup

Dry Coconut Powder               ¼ cup

Sugar Powder                         1/8 cupContinue Reading

Stuffed Muthadi Roll – God’s Offering – Prasad

Prep.10 min., Cooking time 15 min., Yield 10 pcs.

For dough :
Refined White Wheat Flour (Maida) 1 cup
Sesame Seeds 1 tsContinue Reading

Mini Masala Uttapam Platter – Mini Spiced Uttapam Platter

Prep.30 min., Cooking time 10 min., Qty. 5 Plates

Part-1: Raw Rasam:


Fresh Green Chilli whole                                             2

Onion chopped                                                            1

Fresh Coriander Leaves                                             1 tbspContinue Reading

Choco Peanut

Prep.20 min., Cooking time 2 min., Qty. 10 Plates


Biscuits sweet                         20

Butter                                      50 gm

Peanut Butter                          2 tbspContinue Reading

Suran na Paratha – Yam Paratha – Farali Stuff Paratha

Prep.10 min., Cooking time 10 min., Yield 4 pcs.


For Stuffing:

Yam boiled and mashed                                                         250 gm

Chilli Paste                                                                              1 tsContinue Reading

Ghav ni Biryani – Wheat Biryani – Whole Wheat Biryani

Prep.10 min., Cooking time 30 min., Qty. 4 Plates

Wheat grains boiled 1 cup
Oil 3 tbsp
Cinnamon Leaves 2Continue Reading

Zanzibar Mix

Prep.20 min., Cooking time 30 min., Servings 4


For Black Eyed Beans Fry:

Black Eyed Beans split (soaked)                                1 cupContinue Reading

Chatpata Chana – Green Chickpeas Chat


Prep.15 min., Cooking time 5 min., Qty. 2 Plates


Green Chickpeas boiled                                  1 cup

Oil                                                                    1 ts

Onion small chopped                                      1Continue Reading

Khajur Anjir Gujiya – Fig-Date Gujiya

Prep.20 min., Cooking time 10 min., Qty. 6 Plates


For Dough:

Refined White Wheat Flour (Maida)                1 cup

Oil                                                                    2 tbsp

Ghee                                                               1 tbspContinue Reading

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